The Town of Montville Wastewater Collection System and Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Town of Montville Wastewater Collection System and Wastewater Treatment Facility required expansion in order to handle the anticipated increase in wastewater volume from the new Phase II Mohegan Sun Casino. The Mohegan Tribe of Indians and A/Z Corporation, acting as the Construction Manager, worked together to provide wastewater system improvements between Sandy Desert Road and Pink Row in Montville, Connecticut. The work was completed in collaboration with the Montville Water Pollution Commission.

To prepare for this increase in wastewater volume, The Mohegan Tribal Utility Authority (MTUA) constructed a 4.5 mile combined force/gravity main solely for the collection of wastewater generated at the Mohegan Sun Complex. This System was constructed in the Route 32 corridor and ran from Sandy Desert Road southerly to the Montville WPCA Facility. The work also included 7,400 lineal feet of electrical ductbank in the Route 32 corridor. In addition, three new pump stations were constructed as an integral part of this system. The existing Montville WPCA Facility was also upgraded with two new Sequential Batch Reactors and associated equipment to facilitate treatment of this increased volume. Native Sons Ltd was awarded the electrical construction portion of the work, working directly for the Mohegan Tribal Utility Authority.

The Electrical work included the civil work, ductbank, manholes and cabling of the 34.5 KV feeders from the Fort Hill Substation on the Mohegan Reservation to the new Wastewater Treatment Plant. The switchgear and transformers were provided by MTUA at both the substation and the treatment plant. Native Sons was responsible for the installation of this equipment as well as the interconnections at the Ft. Hill Substation and the 13.2 KV feeders from transformers T1 and T3 to the new Wastewater Treatment Plant switchgear. The ductbank and feeders were installed along the active Route 32 corridor. Traffic control was provided by A/Z Corporation as part of their contract. Tie-ins to the substation were performed during non-peak hours to avoid disruptions to the operations of the Mohegan Tribal offices and the Mohegan Suns Resort both of which are fed from the Fort Hill Substation. Also included in the work was the installation of traffic signals at Crow Hill Road and Sandy Desert Road.  The total project electrical cost was $2,705,000 and was completed ahead of schedule.